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    Sardinia: enchanting Sardinia, the sea of La Maddalena with the color of mint

       Located in the north-east of La Maddalena, Cala Spalmatore is very protected from the wind, thanks to the presence of headlands made up by spectacular pink granite rocks, where three beaches of golden sand. offer themselves in all of their enchanting beauty     The wide sea has a magnificent blue-green backdrop, unique and extraordinary. La Maddalena is one of the islands that make up the archipelago of the same name, located along the coast of Gallura to this island, the only permanently inhabited since the foundation in 1770, join the islands of Caprera, reached across the bridge of the "Passo della Moneta" , and also Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria to the north, while Spargi Island is situated in the south. Cala Spalmatore, placed close to two headlands that shelter it from the wind, it is formed by a cream-colored sand beach, with a sea of ​​shallow water. It is framed by green Mediterranean shrub and is enriched, as mentioned, with beautiful granite ...

    Wednesday, 02 July 2014
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    Lake Garda: discover Monte Baldo, an enchanting terrace on the lake

      A truly exceptional vantage point on a lake so large as to deserve the name "Gardasee", or the "sea" Garda : this is what you can enjoy when you get to Monte Baldo, a solid whose peak reaches over 2,000 meters!  Escape form the summer heat and get the coolness offered by the high mountain enjoying a panorama that sweeps across the Alps in a few minutes: this is what you can do starting from Malcesine, an enchanting village of Lake Garda, and arriving to Monte Baldo, overlooking the lake. The Monte Baldo, once the mountain of the shepherds because of the large pasture areas exploited since time immemorial, it is also called "the garden of Italy" because of the extraordinary quantity and rarity of plant species and in particular for the spectacular blooms. Many of them have survived to the glacial debris on the mountain that stood out as an island between the huge glaciers. The Baldo dues its name to the German "wald" - the forest - and it is the ideal place for lon ...

    Tuesday, 24 June 2014
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    Veneto: navigating along the River Brenta, among noble villas and calm waters

      Fascinated by the slow and calm flow of the water, I was enchanted by the timeless landscape offered by the Brenta along its quiet coves flanked with magnificent weeping willows.  And it's possible, along the course of the river, to admire the beautiful and aristocratic villas, anciently holiday residences of noble Venetians.   Dates back to the 1345 the repeal of the law prohibiting citizens of the Venetian Republic the purchase of land on the mainland, which prompted some of the interest of the Veneto nobility to move from commercial activities to the hinterland and along the banks of the river Brenta.     The possibility to intensify the exploitation of the possessions on the mainland caused the problem to closely monitor the agricultural production; that's why the country residences  born: in a single complex the nobles met the manor house and buildings needded for the different services.     So different types of villa were buil ...

    Tuesday, 20 May 2014
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    Tuscany: discover Castiglioncello, Dolce Vita and blue clear water

      Down the road along the Tuscan Riviera, lulled by the fast corners and games of light and shadow that the pines throw on the asphalt, moving away from Versilia and going towards Grosseto, you can't miss a stop in the Bay of Castiglioncello, in Rosignano Marittimo,  in the province of Livorno.     The clear sea, with its colors that fade from emerald green to deep blue, awarded with the Blue Flag by the EEC, along with the towns of the coast for its quality of water and services, wet 90+ km of this land. Castiglioncello was an ancient Etruscan village, overlooking a small promontory which is the latest offshoot of the mountains of Livorno. "The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" is a tourist resort of international prestige and indisputable beauty; it has a very unique charm. In the Etruscan Coast the colors and scents of Tuscany mix the lights and aromas of the Mediterranean.  Red cliffs overlooking the sea, sheltered bays, coves and beaches washed by cry ...

    Thursday, 17 April 2014
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    Aristocracy in Como: discovering the noble gardens of Villa Melzi

        Arriving in Bellagio, and just I crossed the gate of the entrance to Villa Melzi, I was greeted by the incredible landscape that overlooks the picturesque that Lake Como offers from this elegant Villa: here you can admire the whole coast, and in distance the magic of the snowy Alps that are a counterpoint to the stunning garden, green expanse of grassy lawn that looks like velvet and the bright colorful camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons that exhilarate your sight and senses.      Villa Melzi d'Eril is a historic private mansion - declared, with the surrounding property, a national monument - owned by the family Melzi d'Eril, today its branch Gallarati Scotti: in fact, Ludovico Melzi joined in marriage with Josephine Barbò, and they had two daughters. Their favorite married Giancarlo Gallarati Scotti, Prince of Molfetta, and with the marriage she led to her husband's her family's villa in Bellagio.  The splendid view over the center of th ...

    Tuesday, 01 April 2014
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    The Marche at the medieval age: the village of Mombaroccio

     Mombaroccio is a village within the walls with two gates, one of which, the Porta Maggiore, really beautiful and characterized by two large cylindrical towers on either side. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk along the high walls that overlook beautiful views of the valleys.  Lying to the south-east to north-west along the ridge of a hill, the village of Mombaroccio, located about 20 km from Pesaro, is entirely surrounded by thick walls built to protect the ancient 'castle'. Characteristic herringbone configuration with the major buildings on either side of the road axis center.  The name of the village "Mombaroccio" comes from the italian  "The Biroccio", the traditional means of transport of the Marche. The tradition dates back the origins of Mombaroccio to the thirteenth century, following the union of five 'castles' existing in the surrounding area at that time. Originally it was part of the dominions of the Church, then moved to the Malat ...

    Friday, 28 March 2014
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    Lake Garda: Sirmione and the Catullo’s Caves

     It is said, therefore, that Quinzia, a young girl fell in love with Catullus, and because she could not accept his departure, she went to the lake and cried all her tears, convinced that he was dead. Slipping into the water, the girl's tears formed on the bottom of an effigy of the poet ...    Apart from the legends, and coming to the ancient village, the town of Sirmione is a peninsula that juts out for about 4 km into Lake Garda, from the south bank on the side of Brescia. In ancient times Sirmione - "Sirmium" for the Romans - was a "station" road at the base of the peninsula; in fact, in addition to its natural beauty, Sirmione had a certain importance in Roman road system as it was on the Via Gallica, the ancient road that, passing through Bergamo and Brescia,  got to Verona, where it was connected with the way that Postojna, built in 148 BC, and joined Genoa to Aquileia.   In Desenzano, the Via Gallica continued to Peschiera and towards ...

    Wednesday, 12 March 2014
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    Alassio, the fine beaches and the famous Muretto

       Alassio is a characteristic town in the province of Savona; it is very popular thanks to the fine sandy beach which stretches for over three kilometers. The water of the sea in front of it is pure and characterized by a beautiful seabed and a variety of "inhabitants" of the sea!     In front of Alassio there is the famous Island Gallinara, the only real island of Liguria. The others - Tino, Bergeggi, Palmaria - are simple rocks and they are still linked to the mainland by an umbilical cord. Here, in Gallinara,  the strength of the currents have made room for a channel 12 feet deep and wide about one kilometer and a half. This island is located midway between Albenga and Alassio and here is the place where the royal seagull nests!  The pearl of Alassio is its famous "Muretto" ("little wall" in italian), invented by Mario Berrino, owner of Cafe Roma, and the writer Ernest Hemingway, embellished over the years by the signatures of all the fam ...

    Tuesday, 04 March 2014
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    Monastero Bormida, between noble knights and polenta record

      Monastero Bormida, located in the province of Asti, takes its name from to the settlement of a group of Benedictine monks who, around 1050 circa, were called by the Marquis of Monferrato Aleramo from San Benigno Canavese (Abbey Fruttuaria) to plow and sow the lands devastated by the invasions of the Saracens.        The present castle corresponds exactly to the site of the original monastery, of which there are only a few walls and the bell tower, especially those on the square of the tower.      Most likely there was a previous monastery founded by the Lombards, as witnessed by the cult of Santa Giulia (whose devotion was widespread in northern Italy by the Lombards) that is still the patron saint of the village and the one to whom is dedicated the eighteenth century parish church, and from some Lombard place-names as Braia, which means the region that is near a river.     During the fifteenth century the first defe ...

    Wednesday, 12 February 2014
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    Alto Adige: pampering and wellness at high altitude

       Wellness in South Tyrol is based on tradition, typicality and traceability. I'm speaking about the tradition of the ancient secrets peasants of typicality, which makes the well-being of the South Tyrolean a unique traceability, as the products used are all from South Tyrol. The treatments in South Tyrol are focused on, therefore, the full force of the mountains and the smell of nature. In the end wellness is also guaranteed in our Spa and so, after a leisurely stroll or hiking, enjoy your relaxation!    It's cold outside, but you can enjoy your wellness in South Tyrol relaxing in the warm thermal spa, without neglecting "activities" outdoors ... It's called 'cryotherapy', or cold therapy, in vogue among athletes to improve their muscle tone.      In much more delicate and not strictly therapeutic way, the cold is still one of the moments of relaxation and pampering at the end of your day on the snow and after a sauna it is a real f ...

    Friday, 24 January 2014
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