Gardaland and “Oblivion”: the new vertical plunge rollercoaster looking at the lake

Dear friends, welcome to My Own Italy! My personal suggestion for your holiday in Italy is a travel to Lake Garda and its fantastic #1 Theme Park Gardaland that this year inaugurates : Oblivion - The Black Hole.

 Are you ready for one hundred seconds of pure adrenaline?
 42.5 metres in height, a 566 meters long track , a speed of almost 100 km/h, a vertical plunge descent - 87° of inclination - towards a mysterious space-time passage, tailspins and , head-over-heels upturns, 360° rotations: those are the first, effective key words to present Oblivion - The Black Hole, the new vertical plunge roller-coaster, the first in Italy and the longest ones in Europe!

The white colour of the track of Oblivion The Black Hole and the orange of its trains – designed and built to resemble space vehicles – stand tall over every other attraction of the Park, inside an area themed in NASA style. But it is mainly the Black Hole,  the core of the Oblivion experience, that attracts the sights of everybody. Besides the mouth of the tunnel one can spot some truly unusual elements, completely distorted and sucked in. It looks like they have been dragged inside the conduct, almost swallowed: part of the roof of a saloon, a windmill, a little cart, a water tank, 3 TV aerials and the van of a TV crew that had arrived on site to document the strange phenomenon… Everything appears deformed by the powerful gravitational force generated by this black hole, a powerful enough field to swallow everything inside.

Special effects, sounds, light games and innumerable new gen LED screens will open the way to the overwhelming and sensational journey.

Invented and planned by Merlin Studios in collaboration with the Art Department of Gardaland, Oblivion - The Black Hole was made using the most advanced technologies and also with important contribution of specific professional figures: engineers, architects, designers, sculptors, audio/video technicians, carpenters, painters and experienced blacksmiths.

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