Where to eat

Where to eat (14)

Taste the typical food and wine of Italy!

Dear friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Piedmont to discover the romantic Lake Orta or the enchanting Isola Bella I'd like to suggest you a delicious stop at the restautant  Last Hall in Baveno in front of  Lake Maggiore.

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! Our travel today is to Emilia Romagna to visit the medieval village  Castell'Arquato. Enjoy the restaurant  Trattoria Capoponte where we will taste a typical italian food of Piacenza: "Torta Fritta" and cold cuts!

My friends of My Own Italy, if in your travel you are visiting the Marche Region, I suggest you to discover Corinaldo, a small town near Ancona, situated inland of Senigallia. It has a charateristic well maintained city walls dating back to the fourteenth century.

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel to discover Italy is to Emilia Romagna and you are visiting Ravenna, here you can find a very nice place where to eat: my personal suggestion is the restaurant Ca' de Ven.

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If you are enjoying your holiday in Tuscany and you'd like to enjoy your relax and leisure in the enchanting Castiglioncello, my personal suggest for your dinner is Ristorante in Gargotta da Francesco.

Hello, my friends! Welcome to My Own Italy. If you are in Milan, after visiting Piazza Scala in the very center of the city and if you enjoyed the Gallerie d'Italia Museum, here's a suggestion to end a day for your relax and leisure: an aperitif at Enterprise Hotel.

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Rimini you must taste the Piadina.
The Piadina is inserted in the list of traditional Italian food made in Emilia Romagna .

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is in Tuscany , you have visited the Fortress of Montalcino and are interested in discovering a little place away from the spotlight of the major resort; if you would like to be welcomed with kindness and attention, I suggest to taste the cuisine of Master Giancarlo Fulgenzi

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel to Italy for your holiday is to the Marche Region, after visiting the Frasassi Caves and the Villa del Balì, you will enjoy a break in Mombaroccio and have your dinner at La Freccia di Cupido.

Dear friends of My Own Italy, in your travel to Italy is in Lombardy after visiting the Gallerie d'Italia Museum in Piazza Scala and walking up and down among the Milan Cathedral spires, now you can enjoy a very special place for your aperitif: the Terrazza Aperol.

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