Arezzo: mix traditional & modern cuisine in Piazza Grande

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on 31 January, 2013

Hello, my friends welcome to My Own Italy! If you are in Tuscany, visiting Arezzo and its magnificent Piazza Grande, I suggest you to taste the italian food specialties at the restaurant La Curia

I'm talking about a really elegant location, a place where the mix between tradition and modernity is indeed very successful.
The Restaurant "La Curia" is located just at the entrance of Piazza Grande, and the shadow of the big white umbrellas let you eat outside enjoying the enchanting scenery.
I had the opportunity to taste the local specialities, as Pici Pasta, and also innovative dishes, such as Chianina beef minced with egg sauce and anchovy ice cream: delicious!
Of course, every ingredient is locally produced: scented, rich such as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in the countryside of Arezzo, dressing dishes offered. Enjoy it on Tuscan Bread, a true delicacy! 

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