Rimini: Piadina Romagnola, Typical Italian food

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on 02 January, 2013

My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Rimini you must taste the Piadina.
The Piadina is inserted in the list of traditional Italian food made in Emilia Romagna .

Piadina is a food made ​​from a dough of wheat flour, lard (or olive oil), salt and water, which is traditionally cooked in an earthenware dish, said dish but today more commonly baked on metal plates or slabs of stone hearth called "text". The Cassone is a typical preparation based on where the flatbread dough is stuffed, folded and sealed before cooking.  But, if  you're really interested in tasting a very delicious Piadina, you MUST taste the Piadina Dalla Lella, the oldest piadineria of Rimini!

Marina is the "Queen of Piadina", and her shop is really so characteristic; she will be happy to explain all the receipes of her culinary masterpieces! You can eat Piadina "Dalla Lella" in so many different ways: classic, extra virgin olive oil and in the variants of spelled, whole wheat flour and cereals.  For the greediest of you, I'd suggest to try the Cassoni with Nutella: absolutely great!  Here is what you can enjoy: so many delicacies that it will be really hard to choose: Piada and ham, Piada and salame,  Piada and sausage,  Piada ham, cheese and rucola,  Piada ham and cheese, Piada Pienza pecorino and salame,  Piada robiola and sump. This is my tourism!

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