Dear friends, let's discover the beautiful Villa Carlotta on Lake Como: follow me!

Dear friends, welcome to! If you would like to enjoy a romantic weekend where feeling special is the right password, my oersonal suggestion is Villa Fontana in Agliano Terme, Piedmont.

My dear friends, welcome to Our travel today is to Veneto an extraordinary region with stunning landscapes: starting from  Venice to Dolomiti (two wonderful Unesco World Heritage Sites), going thorough the beautiful Pedemontana, an arch that connects the Lake Garda to Treviso with Verona e Vicenza.

Dear friends, let's discover Palazzo Sorbello and its charming rooms

Dear friends, welcome to ! Located nearby the pine forest in the backdrop of the Orobie Alps, the Grand Hotel Presolana is immersed in an enchanting scenery and surroundings of art and history.

Really close to Milan, in the enchanting landscape of the Alpine range, in Castione you can find genuine refuge from the urban chaos, if you'd like to achieve the harmony between body and mind, slowing down the frenzy of time and teaching a different way of life, returning the time taken away from the family, the emotions, the simplicity and lightheartedness, enjoy the Grand Hotel Presolana: it will offer you much more than a simple stay. Follow me to!

Dear friends, let's discover Villa Monastero and its beautiful botanic garden

Dear friends, welcome to My Own Italy ! If you are in Piedmont and would like to visit the Reggia di Venaria I suggest you a very comfortable stay at the new Diamante MHotel.

Dear friends, let's discover the picturesque villages around the Lake Orta

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