My friends, welcome to My Own Italy, the softness of the hills, the mild climate, the Alps, which can be seen from far away, as a precious frame: Franciacorta is a very special and unique land and a must see destination during EXPO 2015.

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Dear friends, let's discover Franciacorta and the island Monte Isola of Lake Iseo

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Surrounded by in the beautiful land of Franciacorta and directly overlooking Lake Iseo and Monte IsolaRivalago Hotel is absolutely delightful.

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Dear friends, welcome to My Own Italy this is a suggestion for a path between wine and history. Let's start from Franciacorta in provence of Brescia and then let's go to the biggest italian lake: the Lake Garda

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My friends, welcome to My Own Italy to discover Lombardy. In our travel we'll discover the flavors, history, traditions and the food specialities of this land where EXPO 2015 will be.

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My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Lombardy  and the italian food specialties I suggest you a unique sensory italian experience in Franciacorta: let's discover the wine cellar where the most popular italian sparkling wine is product, Berlucchi.

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