Hello, my friends! Welcome to My Own Italy. If you are in Milan, after visiting Piazza Scala in the very center of the city and if you enjoyed the Gallerie d'Italia Museum, here's a suggestion to end a day for your relax and leisure: an aperitif at Enterprise Hotel.

My friens, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Veneto and you would like to discover Vicenza, after visiting  the romantic Villa Valmarana you will relax and stay in the beautiful residence Ca' Beregana.

A new post on my BLOG. Discover in the hill surrounding Vicenza the beautiful Villa Valmarana and the frescoes by Tiepolo!

Dear friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If you are in Milan looking for an accommodation where you can find the perfect combination among elegance, style, wellness, good taste, great attention to details, comfort and hospitality you may find all these keys at For You Hotel

A new post on my BLOG. Discover Milan from a different point of view: go up and down among Milan Cathedral spires !

Dear friends of My Own Italy, in your travel to Italy is in Lombardy after visiting the Gallerie d'Italia Museum in Piazza Scala and walking up and down among the Milan Cathedral spires, now you can enjoy a very special place for your aperitif: the Terrazza Aperol.

Dear friends of My Own Italy, if your travel to Liguria let you discover Albenga I'd like to suggest you a very nica place to enjoy your happy hour: Cantina di Re Carciofo!

Travel to Liguria

on 10 October, 2013

Hello my friends, welcome to My Own Italy to discover Italy with my personal touch! Our travel is to Liguria, land of fragrances, smells and colors really unique the world!

Hello my friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel to discover Italiy is in Liguria, after visiting Albenga my personal suggestion to enjoy your stay is a very delightful and charming place in the historical center, an old house of '400 carefully restored: the Bed & Breakfast San Teodoro.

A new post on my BLOG. Discover the most ancient town of the western Ligurian Riviera: Albenga!

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