The River Po: relax and cycling at "Il Fagiano" and Oasis Zarda

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on 25 January, 2013
My friends, welcome to My Own Italy! If your travel is to Emilia Romagna and you are interested in "Slow Tourism" and in the relaxing atmosphere of the right bank of the River Po I'd like to suggest you a place where you can sleep in total relax: Locanda il Fagiano!

  During a trip in Emilia Romagna I stayed in locanda Il Fagiano: a so nice building that has been restored in accordance with local architectural traditions and that  can offer you an inimitably fascinating atmosphere! I personally appreciated the visit to the the cave of sand Settepolesini, that was founded in 1984 from the start with a precise plan of land reclamation (Oasi Zarda). This area, situated on an ancient river bed of the River Po, had an immediate intervention of renaturation and the gradual appreciation of the historical context and environment.
It led to the overall evolution of the territory close to the cave and to the creation of an oasis naturalistic, an ideal ecosystem for many species of birds and animals. I could also taste the vineyards grapes of the local vineyard: so delicious!  I suggest you to ask Mattia, the Managing Director of Locanda Il Fagiano, to show you all the interesting things you can discover in the Oasi Zarda: he will be happy to involve you in this relaxing place.
Anyway, don't forget to rent bikes: you will enjoy a magnificent cycling along the right bank of The River Po.

Leisure me, this is my tourism!

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